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Walking with Giants is the domain of tokind, one Thomas E Kindig who lives in Las Cruces, New Mexico.

This web site is a Wiki, based on MediaWiki, but is somewhat different in function from a traditional Wiki. First of all, there is only one user. Secondly, the site does not sport the typical menu features which allow search and navigation (although it is still possible to use the categorization features to browse the contents of the site. All articles are categorized under the central category Tokind.)

Since the site is essentially a Hypertext, all content may be browsed by reading a page and selecting from links of interest in that page. So, starting from the home page, you might learn about some aspects of my life.

In the case of the home page and select internal pages, a rudimentary menu block may appear to serve as a starting point for particular interests of mine.

You will note that there are small blue arrows next to the title of, and in the footer of, each page. These are used to jump back to the Home page of the site. This is a normal convention of Hypertexts.

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